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Meet the smiling faces of the Yorkshire Animal Hospital team below. Learn more about why we love what we do so much.

Dr. Dale R. Diesel


About Dr. Diesel

Dr. Dale R. Diesel graduated from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine in 1981. After graduation, he joined a six-doctor practice in Breese, Illinois, where he cared for the companion animals of the practice while also making farm calls to the numerous dairy and swine farms in the area.

In 1986, he left practice to work for Purina Mills, Inc., where his responsibilities included product development and technical support for animal health products.

Dr. Diesel joined Yorkshire Animal Hospital in October 1992, then purchased the practice in July 1993. The most gratifying experience a veterinarian can have is to watch successive generations of family members trust him with the care of their four-legged family members.

He enjoys the beauty of nature and wildlife. Sasha and Cali, two of his three dogs, enjoy spending time on the couch more than outdoors. While Jax, a Labrador Retriever, enjoys hunting and fishing with him. Dr. Diesel relaxes by spending time with family/friends and working on his property in southern Illinois.

Dr. Daniel Boggs


About Dr. Boggs

Dr. Daniel Boggs graduated from Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2014. After school, he returned to North Louisiana, where he practiced equine (horse) medicine exclusively before heading out west.

Dr. Boggs then worked at an emergency critical care and a general practice hospital in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas before starting his career as a relief veterinarian. He has practiced as a relief veterinarian for several years, working in Arizona, California, Colorado, Louisiana, Nevada, and now adding Missouri to the list when joining Yorkshire Animal Hospital.

Dr. Boggs has continued to and still does practice equine medicine and travels back to Louisiana to do so. He is an avid snow and water skier and likes being in the mountains or on the water as much as possible. He loves hiking, biking, and camping, especially when touring the national parks. No matter how far from home, though, he can always be found rooting for his Louisiana State University Tigers and New Orleans Saints…. GEAUX TIGERS!


Practice Manager/Technician

About Amy

Amy graduated from Bishop Dubourg High School in 1990 and Jefferson College in 1993 with an Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology. She came to Yorkshire Animal Hospital in 1991 when Dr. Eschenroeder still owned and operated the clinic. Amy was here before Dr. Diesel came to assist with the practice in 1992 and helped him with the client transitions when he bought the practice in 1993.

Amy married her graduate school/high school sweetheart, William, in December 1995, and they welcomed a beautiful daughter, Alexis, in November 1996.  She has had several cats and dogs through the years but right now just has cats.


Pet Stylist

About Kim

Kim went to Riverview Gardens High School and graduated from the Petropolis School of Grooming in 1998. She came to Yorkshire Animal Hospital in April of the same year and started as a bather only. Since that time, Kim has become the only groomer at our hospital and continues using her skills to beautify her patients.

She enjoys traveling the United States to relax. Greeting her when she comes home from work are her two cats named Luke and Leia.


Registered Veterinary Technician

About Nicole

Nicole graduated from Oakville Senior High School in 1998 and Jefferson College in 2001 with an Associate of Applied Science degree in veterinary technology.

In May 2000, she started an internship at Yorkshire Animal while going to school. Nicole also worked at Animal Emergency Clinic in Collinsville in 2001. In June of that same year, she received her certification to become a registered technician for Missouri. Ultimately she left emergency medicine after 9/11 to stay in a small owned practice to grow with the clientele.



About Jocelyn

Jocelyn graduated from Oakville Senior High School in 2015. She then went on to graduate from Brown Mackie College in August 2017 with an Associate of Applied Science degree in veterinary technology.

In May 2017, Jocelyn started at Yorkshire Animal Hospital as an intern while going to school. She has a beta fish named Mr. Finn.



About Jenn

Jenn graduated with an Associate of Applied Science degree in veterinary technology in 2012. She is happy to be a technician on the Yorkshire Animal Hospital team.

Shortly after graduating from school, Jenn had a daughter named Avery. Rounding out her family is a Maltese named Chloe, a Pekingese mix named Yoshi, and a cat named Elsa.


Registered Veterinary Technician

About Sarah

Sarah graduated from Jefferson College in 2019 with an Associate of Applied Science degree in veterinary technology. In June of the same year, she received her certification to become a registered technician for Missouri.

At home, Sarah currently has a shetland sheepdog named Cosmo, a Boston terrier named Ruby, a tortoise named Sheldon, a bearded dragon named Oscar, and three sugar gliders that go by the names Meeko, Milo, and Momo.



About Haley

Haley graduated in 2014 from Brown Mackie College with a degree in veterinary technology. Haley has Fear Free certification and has worked in shelter and emergency medicine before. When it comes to the veterinary medicine field, Haley has a particular interest in behavioral medicine.

Eventually, she joined the team at Yorkshire Animal Hospital in March 2020. Haley currently has a Siberian husky, Norwegian elkhound, and a schipperke-papillon mix (that she is proud to say are rescued).


Registered Veterinary Technician

About Melissa

Melissa graduated in 2009 with her Registered Veterinary Technician license. She lives in High Ridge with her husband and their dogs. Melissa loves kayaking, riding, motorcycles, and anything involving the beach when she is not working.

Lynne Marie

Registered Veterinary Technician

About Lynn Marie

Lynn Marie graduated from Jefferson College and is proud to now be on the Yorkshire Animal Hospital team. She has two fantastic kids, along with a 27-year-old cockatiel, a blab (Bassett/lab mix), and a horse. Lynn Marie likes hockey, swimming, and riding her horse when she isn’t working. Hanging out with the ‘kiddos’ isn’t so bad either.


Office Dogtor

About Abby

Abby is a twelve-year-old spry Labrador Missouri native but raised in Louisiana. She knows no bounds. Abby graduated with an honorary degree in veterinary medicine alongside Dr. Daniel Boggs from Louisiana State University in 2014.

She enjoys running circles around any human that comes her way, especially if they have a tennis ball. Abby loves to explore her surroundings of rough terrain in the mountains. She also enjoys a casual stroll down a walkway, exercise on land, and swimming in the lakes, ponds, and marshlands.

However, in her leisure time, she will take a nap, dreaming of her next vacation from the clinic or her next house call with Dr. Boggs.
Abby’s specialty is being a taste tester of the grill for Louisiana boils. This is between just Abby and the world – don’t tell Dr. Boggs. But, she especially loves to taste test on the side. How else do you think she gets her expertise?

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