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Dental Check-In Form

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Thank you for choosing us!

We are so happy you have chosen us for your pet’s dental cleaning. We look forward to improving the health of your pet’s teeth.

Please Note: If your pet’s dental procedure requires anesthesia, please complete our Sedation Form as well.

Dental Check-In Form

Please fill out the following form before your dental appointment. If you have any questions, please contact us. Please Note: All * fields are required.


When your pet is here for a dental procedure and under anesthesia, our main focus is to keep them safe during the procedure. Prolonged anesthesia times are not uncommon in veterinary medicine. However, the shorter the procedure, the lower chance of any potential risks due to increased anesthesia times. PLEASE CHECK ONE OF THE FOLLOWING to help us keep your pet safe by avoiding unnecessarily prolonged anesthesia times.

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