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Frequently Asked Questions
At what age should a dog or cat be spayed or neutered?
The best age for females would be between 5-7 months, before the females would come in heat. The best age for males would be the same, before they start urinary marking that is a trait of intact male dogs.
If I give my dog heartworm preventive, why does he/she need to be tested every year?
If a monthly preventive dose is missed or given beyond 35 days apart, or if a dog vomits after receiving a monthly dose, there is an opportunity for heartworm larva to escape the preventive and become an adult worm in the heart. Heartworm infection leads to disease of the lungs and heart which develops slowly over several months to years and left untreated is fatal. We test annually because we want to diagnose an infection as early as possible to avoid the long-term changes in the lungs and heart. Also, annual testing will help us identify any possible resistance heartworms may develop.
Can I just get my dog/cat the shots without an examination?
“Shots” is a common term for vaccinations. Vaccines require an active process in the body to effectively protect a dog or cat. An exam by a veterinarian assures that a pet is healthy enough to form a protective immunity to the diseases in the vaccine. While vaccine clinics that we like to call “Grab Em and Stab Em” are fast and inexpensive, a pet running a fever may not develop an immunity to the vaccine or worse, the vaccine may make the fever worse.
Our goal is take every precaution possible to assure that your dog or cat is protected by the vaccines we administer.

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