WELLNESS EXAMS -A thorough examination by a trained professional is the foundation of
keeping pets healthy.

VACCINATIONS – timely vaccination prevents the most deadly diseases like Rabies, Distemper and

INTESTINAL PARASITE PREVENTION – Annual screening allows us to detect any parasites
that may be present in your pet, but more importantly,
intestinal parasite prevention keeps your pet and
your family healthy.

BLOOD PARASITE PREVENTION – Heartworm, spread by mosquitoes can infect our dogs
with no clinical indicators until the disease is well advanced.
If detected early, they can be treated with no long-lasting
effects. A simple blood test can detect whether your dog has
been infected with one of these diseases.

FLEAS AND TICKS – we only offer products that are effective, easy to use and unlike most store
bought products are safe for your pet and family.

MEDICAL TREATMENT PLANS – if your pet becomes ill, after diagnosing the problem,
we customize a treatment plan that will provide your pet
immediate relief, be as convenient as possible, and most
importantly, will correct or control the problem long term.

GERIATRIC HEALTH PLANS – just like people, as our pets age, so do their medical requirements.
With pets aging 5-6 years for every one of ours, we recommend
that pets over 8 years of age receive wellness exams twice yearly
so we are more likely to detect a developing problem.

We offer grooming services to all pet owners for all breeds of dogs and cats. Grooming patients are dropped off in the morning and are released in the afternoon. Our grooming procedures include bathing, brushing, styling, trimming nails, expressing anal sacs, and cleaning the vertical ear canals. For your pet’s protection, we require that all dogs coming in for grooming be current on their Distemper, Parvo virus, and Rabies vaccine and we strongly recommend they be vaccinated for Bordetella. We require that all cats be current on their Panleukopenia (Distemper) and Rabies vaccine.maintaining healthy skin and hair requires proper brushing and grooming. Our grooming services can help your dog or cat’s skin stay clean and healthy and regular
grooming will reduce the hair that is left in your house and on your furniture.

We offer boarding for cats at all times. Unfortunately, local regulations do not allow us to board dogs on site, however we do know of several excellent boarding facilities in the area. Cats are required to be current on their vaccines for Panleukopenia (Distemper) and Rabies vaccine.

ALLERGY TESTING AND TREATMENT – Dogs and cats develop allergies to the same things
people do, pollen, mold, grasses, weeds, etc…
If standard methods cannot control a pet’s itching,
we can test a patient for allergies and have a
vaccine developed against the cause of the reaction.

DIAGNOSTICS – our in-house lab gives us immediate results for most common blood and urine
tests so we don’t have to wait on results from an outside lab to make a
diagnosis and begin treatment

X-RAY AND ULTRASOUND – We house our own modern x-ray equipment and developer. X-rays
provide a valuable insight into what is happening inside the body. We schedule ultrasounds with a board certified radiologist performing the service at our clinic.

LASER THERAPY – Therapeutic laser is an exciting new technology that treats acute and chronic
pain, infections, and chronic problems such as ear infections and lick
granulomas. While drugs may still be necessary, they can be used at lower
dosages and for shorter times and in some cases may not be needed at all.

ANESTHESIA AND SURGERY – we require pre-anesthetic blood work on all patients prior to
administering an anesthetic. This increases the safety of the
procedure so there are no surprises, and it provides a baseline
values for a patient we can use in the future. We perform sterile
surgery for spays, castrations, cat delaws, external tumor removal,
internal tumor removals, and bladder stone removals.

DENTAL PROCEDURES – 80% of dogs and cats over 4 years of age have some degree of
gingivitis, and infection of the gums. Gum disease shortens a pet’s
life so it is important to keep a healthy mouth. We provide basic oral care of scaling, polishing and sealing the teeth. We also extract any teeth that are not securely anchored.